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Penalties versus Body Checking: Sources of Dispute in Hockey Game

Every sport has its own source of dispute, and in hockey game, it is about the differences between penalty and body check. Many hockey fans around the world are often delved into debate about whether a player deserves a penalty or not, especially during a particularly aggressive and fast paced game. This is also a concern among sport bettors, since the difference between mere legal body check and penalty can decide the outcome of the game.

Blurred Lines between Hockey Game Penalty and Body Check

Basically, a body check is a legal move when players hit other players in order to prevent them from scoring goals, and this can only be done with body parts (beside hand) and to a player that has the puck. However, such thing can be hard to distinguish from illegal move that can end in penalty. This is why, fans’ outrage when a referee decides to give penalty after a particularly violent session is common, since sometimes they cannot distinguish between penalty move and legal body check.

Whether you are a hockey game fan or enthusiast sport bettor, you must get ready to be more scrutinizing during a particularly aggressive and rather messy game to tell the difference between both.