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Dangerous Behaviors that Invite Penalties in Hockey Game

Hockey is arguably one of the most aggressive team sports, but hockey game also has its own rules for behaviors that are considered dangerous. There are several behaviors clearly deserve penalties, and they involve foul plays using physical strength and stick. Some of these behaviors can be confused with body check in particularly heated game, but many more are no doubt good reasons for penalty.

Behaviors that Deserve Penalties
Here are things in hockey game that can invite penalty:

  • Minor penalties such as body checking, tripping, hooking or bumping into players that do not have puck.
  • Dangerous uses of hockey stick such as deliberate hitting, tripping, slashing, spearing or hitting face.
  • Rough and violent behaviors that are not involved in legal body check methods such as elbowing, deliberate shoving or roughing and kneeing. Read More

For such behaviors, the guilty player is usually sent to the side for 2 minutes without substitute, and can only be allowed to enter the field again after the opponent team scores a goal. As you can see, some of the behaviors described are sometimes hard to describe as violent, since they can be confused with legal body check in hockey game. Therefore, always pay attention to what happens on the field.